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Peace Day

Armistice Day 1918

On November 11, 1918, someone has the foresight to capture the Armistice Day celebration in Port Byron, here called the […]

The Tale of the Run-away Teen

Sixty-three years ago, police departments all across the Untied States were on the lookout for a Port Byron teenager who […]

Owl Club

I came across this photographic copy of a print or painting that showed the Port Byron’s Owl Club Roost #1. […]

Old News and Other Things

Over the years, Lock 52 Historical Society and other community endeavors have used various media platforms to make information available. As we come across these, we will add links here.

In 2015, Lock 52 produced a Strategic Plan. This Plan covers what we have done, what we are doing, and where we wish to go from here.

Our 2015 Annual Newsletter. Kind of bland, but a start.

Our 2016 Annual Newsletter. In addition to asking for money, we take a look back at 2015, talk about the James Pine / Frank Sperry / Brigham Young house, take a look at Marshall's Store, and the Octagon Cabins.

Our 2017 Annual Newsletter. We explain that we are not that big park on the Thruway, look back at 2016, and explain where the name of Port Byron came from.

We produced a walking tour covering part of the village, mostly Erie Canal sites.

At one time, we worked with the Montezuma Historical Society on a Erie Canal tour for the Canal Splash weekend. Here are some of the handouts for the various stops.

Lock 51   Centerport Aqueduct    Lock 52    Montezuma Aqueduct



Links and Resources

Town of Mentz- The Town runs the cemetery and has some birth, deaths and marriages records. They have given a copy of all this to Lock 52.

Port Byron and Mentz are in Cayuga County. The volunteers of the local GenWeb group offer a fantastic website to help you with your research. It is one of the best we have seen. On their site, you can find links to all the resources within Cayuga County.

But be especially aware of the Cayuga County Records Retention Department. It has all the probate, wills, births, deaths, deeds, mortgages, and all that as digital files.

Our friends at the Montezuma Historical Society have all sorts of information that you will want to know about if you plan on visiting the Montezuma Heritage Park.

The Old Brutus Historical Society covers the history of the village of Weedsport and the town of Brutus. They have a great little museum in Weedsport with all sorts of neat things to see.

If you have to go north of the Seneca River, into the Conquest or Cato, you need to get in touch with CIVIC, the historical society that covers these towns. Check on the GenWeb site for contact info.

Also keep in mind that all these Towns and Villages will have a local historian that you can reach out to. Again, check the GenWeb site for up to date contact info.

If you are visiting and need a place to stay or an idea as to what to see, contact Tour Cayuga, the local tourism office.

If you are doing research and don't know about Fulton History, then it's time to learn. This digital newspaper site has papers from all across the state and many other states. If you don't know how to do a Boolean search, learn how, as it will drastically help you find what you want to find. Use the modifier w/?? and set the search box to boolean. And use quotes to narrow your search. An example, "Mike Smith" w/10 "Port Byron". This will search for instances of Mike Smith within ten words of Port Byron. The quotes will treat the term as one phrase not two words. The w/?? can be any number. Also check out the NYS Historic Newspapers site.

If you are visiting or learning about the Erie Canal, visit the Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor site. It has all things canal and many links to other sites.